We transport petroleum products since 1920.
 A new vehicles generation
The new vehicles generation adapted to your needs

 Napastor’s current fleet

Our current fleet has been designed to fill our clients’ expectations, having in mind the inner characteristics of each product that will be delivered, as well as the legislation in force. Our current fleet has the most developed safety systems being used nowadays in road transportation.

Napastor has a continuous renewal of fleet policy and applies strict preventive maintenance systems. Thanks to these facts, we can offer our customers an up-to-date image, an efficient service and a guaranteed liability in the fleet used to satisfy our customers’ necessities.

Today, we have a large range of vehicles in order to carry out almost any kind of transport of liquid in a tank truck, for example:

- Single compartment tank trucks

- Several compartments tank trucks

- Ready to be pressurized tank trucks

- Electronic sealed compartments tank trucks

- Pump and liquid control meter systems

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