Quality and Safety
We transport petroleum products since 1920.
 Quality, Safety and Environment.
Quality, Safety & Environment
The beginning of our efficiency...

Quality, safety and environment constitute the main pillars where our organization relies on. Therefore they are essentials for our development.

In order to apply our continuous improvement policy, quality, safety and environmental systems have rigorous controls made by renowned audit companies.

Our quality, safety and environment standards are supported by: 


Quality and safety systems

Napastor has implemented a Quality management system according to UNE…..for National and international road transport of: General goods and dangerous products of the following classes: inflammable liquids materials, materials liable to spontaneous inflammation, materials which contact with water give off inflammable gases, combustible materials, organic peroxides, toxic materials, corrosive materials, and diverse dangerous materials and objects. Aenor gave the certification to Napastor in February 1997.

In 2012 Napastor implemented as well an environmental management system according to UNE related to the same activity.

In 2020, our carbon footprint was 0,8343 Kg of CO2 equivalent per km. 

You can ask through napastor@napastor.com for a full copy of our policies:

- Quality, Social Responsability and Business Ethics Policie
- Occupational, Health and Safety Policie
  Napastor, due to its technical capacity, its equipment and its staff’s high level of knowledge, has been able to sign a collaboration agreement with the regional authorities: Infrastructures, Territory and Environment Department of the Valencian government. So, in case of emergency or in an accident, we will cooperate with the authorities helping them to solve the risk situation.

In collaboration with public and private organizations, Napastor carries out emergency drills regularly. The goal of these exercises is to maintain our staff level of performance in an optimal level.

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